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Tatiana T. Melendez, CEO/Founder of TTM Counseling & Psychotherapy Services, Inc.

Welcome to the world of compassionate care and transformative healing, led by Tatiana T. Melendez, a distinguished Licensed Psychotherapist and Clinical Sexologist/ Sex Therapist nestled in the vibrant landscape of Southern California. As the visionary founder and CEO of TTM Counseling & Psychotherapy Services, Inc., Tatiana's mission is to provide mental health and behavioral services to as many clients as possible, fostering holistic well-being and emotional vitality nationwide.

With an illustrious career spanning 25 years in mental health and behavioral health, Tatiana has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the transformation of lives and the enhancement of mental health. Her journey is marked by a relentless dedication to improving mental health, empowering individuals, and embracing the uniqueness of every person she encounters.

TTM Counseling & Psychotherapy Services, Inc. is the embodiment of Tatiana's vision for a therapeutic sanctuary that transcends geographical boundaries. Her approach is truly multidisciplinary, delving into the intricacies of the biological, emotional, cognitive, and social aspects of mental health. No stone is left unturned in the path to healing and self-discovery.

Tatiana is devoted to providing culturally competent services tailored to diverse backgrounds. Her commitment to breaking down barriers reflects in the inclusive environment she cultivates at TTM, ensuring that everyone feels seen and heard.

At the core of Tatiana's mission is the deep-rooted commitment to fostering resilience, empowerment, and personal growth. She believes in capitalizing on her clients' inherent strengths, encouraging them to embark on transformative life journeys.

Tatiana T. Melendez stands as a beacon of hope, for TTM's Team to guide individuals toward their transformative life journeys with compassion, wisdom, and a deep understanding of the human experience. Her work continues to be a source of inspiration and transformation in the field of psychotherapy and clinical sexology.